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MusicKraze Chat Rules

KrAzE | January 1, 2024

Musickraze Chat Room Guidelines

Zero Tolerance for Rule Violations: Breaking any rule can lead to an immediate ban without warning. Justifying your actions by citing others’ similar behavior is not a valid defense.

YOU need to be at least 18 years old to use this chat if we catch any minors here they will be banned immediately without question.

Respect Moderators: Do not argue with or question moderators. Their decisions on spam, inappropriate usernames, or behavior are final. Non-compliance may result in an immediate ban.

Personal Information: Sharing your e-mail, instant messaging ID, cam requests, or posting personal phone numbers is prohibited. This could lead to immediate banning. Repeated messages (spam) are not allowed and may result in a ban without warning.

Language Policy: Our primary chat language is English, except for specific Spanish and Asian chat rooms, to ensure safety and effective moderation.

Prohibited Links: Posting links to .exe or .zip files is forbidden due to the risk of viruses and will result in a ban.

Privacy: Do not post personal information, whether yours or someone else’s. We cooperate with law enforcement in cases of unauthorized sharing of private phone numbers.

Appropriate Usernames: Choose usernames that are not offensive or inappropriate.

Behavioral Standards: Spamming, flooding, trolling, roasting, racism, sharing VIP accounts, and impersonating the owner or staff are strictly forbidden.

Please adhere to these guidelines to maintain a respectful and enjoyable chat environment.

Written by KrAzE


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