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Review: “This Mix Is Fire Too” by Dillion Francis

KrAzE | December 11, 2023


Let me take you on a sonic journey through the vibrantly pulsating world of the EDM scene, where Dillion Francis’ album, “This Mix Is Fire Too,” has emerged as a blazing beacon of musical creativity. This album isn’t just another collection of tracks; it’s a statement, a testament to Francis’ mastery over the art of EDM production.

Production Quality

As always with Dillion Francis’ work, the production quality in “This Mix Is Fire Too” is top-notch. The meticulous attention to detail, the harmonious blend of beats, and the refined layering of electronic symphonies are all hallmarks of Francis’ style, present in full force in this album.

Standout Tracks

Let’s talk about anthems. Every great album has that one track, the anthem that encapsulates its spirit. For me, “Mind Yo Bizness” is the standout track of this album. It’s catchy, it’s energetic, and above all, it’s a mantra we all need in today’s world. It’s the album’s undoubted showstopper, the track that makes you sit up, listen, and really feel the music.

Overall Vibe

The vibe of “This Mix Is Fire Too” is like a well-orchestrated fireworks display. It hits you with one dazzling explosion of sound after another, each track a burst of colour in the night sky. From start to finish, there’s never a dull moment, never a beat out of place. This mixtape is a testament to Francis’ genius, and I can’t help but love it.

Personal Experience

It’s rare for an album to affect you, to change your mood, to brighten your day. But “This Mix Is Fire Too” did just that. I remember clearly when it came out; it put a smile on my face because I knew, I just knew, it was going to be good. And boy, was I right! This album is more than just a collection of tracks to me—it’s a mood booster, a dose of sonic sunshine.

Comparisons to Previous Albums

When looking at Francis’ previous works, “This Mix Is Fire Too” feels like a culmination of his evolution as an artist. It carries the freshness of his earlier albums, yet it also showcases a maturity, a sense of refinement. It’s like Francis took the best parts of his previous works and used them as a foundation to create something truly spectacular.

Impact on the EDM Scene

In the pulsating world of EDM, “This Mix Is Fire Too” is a game-changer. It’s the kind of album that sets new standards, that inspires other artists to push their boundaries. Dillion Francis has always been a pioneer in the EDM scene, and this album further cements his influence and stature.


To wrap up, “This Mix Is Fire Too” by Dillion Francis is more than just an album—it’s a musical experience. It’s a journey through the vibrant world of EDM, a testament to the power of beats and rhythms. If you’re an EDM enthusiast or even someone looking to explore the genre, this album is a must-listen. Trust me, once you press play, you’ll be hooked, and like me, you’ll find yourself smiling, your mood lifted, and your day brightened.

Written by KrAzE


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